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The PMCs discussion group and the AMPM news list

I run two venues for the discussion and distribution of information on international private military services.  The AMPM list (Anonymous Mercenaries and Private Militaries list) is simply emailed news items about the industry, about mercenaries in general, and about places that have used/could use mercenaries.  If you are more interested in discussing international private military services with others, then you might be interested in the PMCs discussion group, where we focus on Private Military Companies (PMCs) and Private Security Companies (PSCs).


The PMCs Discussion group

The PMCs discussion group is an EGroups listserv that I moderate.  If you are interested in joining the discussion group you should contact me, Doug Brooks, at .  Please let me know who you are and the nature of your interest in the topic.  The group includes people from PMCs, PSCs, NGOs, Human Rights organizations, governments, and of course academics.

Information and policies

The PMCs newsgroup is a discussion group on the ethics, evolution and future of private militaries, mercenaries and corporate armies.  This newsgroup designed to serve anyone who is interested in discussing the topic with others from NGOs, PMCs, universities or with backgrounds in the field.  The group will encourage the posting of relevant articles, papers, web sites and opinions.

List Manager

The manager of this group is Doug Brooks, a Ph.D. student with the Ridgway Center for International Security Studies at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and currently the Bradlow Fellow at the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg.

Policy of Anonymity

There is no problem with those who wish or need to remain anonymous.  Those people have two options: use an anonymous email address when posting (inform me of this option so I can sign up the address onto the list), or they can send their posts through me.  Anyone posting who wishes to remain anonymous should post their message to me ( and I will repost the note after removing the identifying information.

New Members:

New members can be recommended by existing members and should be sent for approval to Doug Brooks.  Please send recommendations to Doug at


Before anyone quotes people who post on this discussion list in outside reports, papers or articles, please contact those people directly (if they are posting openly, not anonymously) to clear it with them.  Obviously, it is ok to quote posters in replies within this discussion group.

It is assumed that anyone who posts in the discussion group will not mind receiving emails from other group members, since posts always show the email address of the poster.

Of course, I have ultimate control over who is on the discussion list, and in the unlikely event that someone gets out of hand I will use my imperial authority to remove the annoying member(s).


Members of the discussion group will want to take advantage of the resources provided by the PMCs home page.  To do this you will need to "register" first.  Go to the PMCs web page ( ) and sign on as a "new user".  There is a process where you fill out their online form, they email you a registration number and then you choose a password.  The web site has useful PMC-related links and an archive of past messages.  I encourage members to share relevant web sites with the list members; the system allows anyone to add new web sites.

Final clarification (?) note

If you are a member of the PMCs discussion list it probably means you are also on my "Anonymous Mercenary and Private Military" or (AMPM) email list - it is simply a list of email addresses of interested people to which I send relevant items that I come across in my normal research - or that people kindly forward to me.

Messages from the AMPM list come from my regular email address ( ) but I try to remember to add "AMPM" in the subject, whereas the messages from the PMCs group will have [PMCs] in the header as shown in brackets.  If you "reply" to something you receive from the AMPM list, only I will receive your message.  If you "reply" to something from the PMCs group, your message will go to everyone.

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