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Cathedral of Learning
on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh's wonderful "Sah Side"
(looking towards Mon River and Birmingham Bridge)


Pittsburgh at night
(From the Ohio River, the Al is on the left, Mon to the right of the point)


"Old Timer" Sandwich - at the greatest sandwich restaurant in the world,
Fat Heads, 18th and Carson in Pittsburgh
(that's Gerry Leco behind the sandwich)


Fat Heads from the outside.
(That's the Turkish Mafia in front, aka Goknur, Yesim and Pinar . . .)


Neosho, my 1984 Toyota Celica, happily rusting away on a scenic Pennsylvania farm.

K2 and Friends . . .

People often ask about my cat, K2.  He is still back in Pittsburgh with my friend, Kevin Brown and his "family".  Below are some recent shots . . .

K2 Waiting for the belly scratch . . .

Kevin's dog Pepper, the most photogenic dog in the world . . .

Kevin's shy cat Tigger.

Whiskey, the friendliest dog.

K2 checking to see if the lens cap is off . . .

Suspicious Pepper

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