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Journal of International Peace Operations (JIPO) / Stability Operations Magazine (SOm)


These archives include (nearly) all of the magazines produced by the International Peace Operations Association/International Stability Operations Association (IPOA/ISOA). Some are links to PDFs on other sites including ISOA’s archives and (which is worth a look for its many additional resources!).  At some point I’d like to include an index of all the articles and amazing authors from the industry, NGOs, governments and academia… but not today. In the meantime I just list the main themes of the issues, although there are often gems in the great magazines on unrelated topics as well.


Please note that if you have problems downloading any of these, you might also try the ISUU page




IPOA Quarterly, October 2004



IPOA Quarterly, January 2005

IPOA Quarterly, April 2005

IPOA Quarterly, July 2005

IPOA Quarterly, October 2005



IPOA Quarterly, January 2006

IPOA Quarterly, April 2006

Crisis in Sudan, July 2006

Ethical Security, September 2006

UN Peacekeeping at the Crossroads, November 2006



Peace Operations and the Law, January 2007

Elections and Conflict, March 2007

Mine Action, May 2007

NATO in Afghanistan, July 2007

Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, September 2007

Phase Zero, November 2007



Natural Disasters, January 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), March, 2008

Future of Iraq, May 2008

Humanitarian Security, September 2008

CivPol Training, July 2008

Maritime Security, November 2008



Peacekeeping in the DRC, January 2009

Iraq, Ready for Departure?, March 2009

Third Country Nationals (TCNs), May 2009 or visit in ISSUU page here.

Aviation, July 2009 or visit in ISSUU page here.

Afghanistan, September 2009 or visit in ISSUU page here.

Intelligence, November 2009 or visit in ISSUU page here.



Somalia, January 2010 or visit in ISSUU page here.

Extractive Security, March, 2010 or visit ISSUU page here.

Haiti, May 2010 or visit ISSUU page here.

Risk Management, July 2010 or visit ISSUU page here.

Maritime Security, September 2010

South Sudan, November 2010



ICoC for PSCs, January 2011

Future of the Stability Operations Industry, March 2011

Humanitarian Response, May 2011

Pakistan, July 2011

Aviation & Logistics, September 2011

Protection on the water, November 2011



Women in International Security, January 2012

New Era in Stabilization, March 2012

Combatting Labor Trafficking, May 2012

Life Saving, July 2012

Emerging Democracies and Markets, September 2012

Security Sector Reform, November 2012



Development and Stability Operations, January 2012

Global Program Budgets, March 2013

Humanitarian Response, May 2013

Why Stability Matters, October 2013




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