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2010 Bullet Proof Blog interview

2009 International Affairs Forum interview
2008 Iraq for Sale - Robert Greenwalds loopy take on outsourcing - most of this interview never made the movie
2007 Council on Foreign Relations online Debate with Erica Razook of Amnesty International over Private Security Contractors
2007 Mother Jones - Bruce Falconer interview - I was critical at first, and I probably said too much (thinking it was off the record) but . . .
2007 Democracy Now debate with Jeremy Scahill - award winning author of political screed 'Blackwater' - and apparently greatest journalist ever
2005 Frontline interview, PBS - an insightful interview, though I was left on the cutting room floor since I directly (and correctly) challenged their theme
2005 "New legislation will undermine SA's security staff abroad", Pretoria News, 27 September

2005 With Jim Shevlin, "Reconsidering Battlefield Contractors", Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Summer/Fall 2005.

2005 With Gaurav Laroia, "Privatized Peacekeeping", National Interest, Summer 2005

2005 Letter to the editor, "The strategy of outsourcing the war", Los Angeles Times, 5 April 2005

2005 "Africa Keeps Its Peace", Foreign Policy, January-February 2005.

2004 Letter to the editor, "Re: Can mercenaries protect Hamid Karzai?", New Republic, 1 November 2004

2004 "The Challenges of African Peacekeeping", Congressional Testimony, 8 October 2004

2003 "A new twist on a long military tradition", Op Ed, Boston Globe, 19 October 2003

2003 "The Business Side of Keeping the Peace", Africa Analysis, 11 July 2003

2003 "Help for Beleaguered Peacekeepers", Op Ed Washington Post, 2 June 2003

2003 "The Business of World Peace: Military Service Providers revolutionize international peace operations."  Canopy, January 2003.

2003 "Private Aviation Tackles Peacekeeping."  Canopy, January 2003.

2002 "Protecting People: the PMC Potential, Comments and Suggestions for the UK Green Paper on Regulating Private Military Services," UK House of Commons 25 July 2002.

2002 "Private Military Service Providers: Africa's Welcome Pariahs."  Guerres D'Afrique, Laurent Bachelor, ed., Nouveaux Mondes, No 10 - Printemps, Centre de Recherches Entreprises et Societes, 2002.

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2001 "A Perspective on Private Military Companies."  African Security Review, published by the Institute of Security Studies in Pretoria, South Africa (publication pending).

2001 "Messiahs or Mercenaries? The Future of International Private Military Services."  International Peacekeeping, Issue 7/4 Winter 2000.

2001 "Public Peace through Private Enterprise."  Washington Times, 22 April 2001

2001 "Why Mercenaries Matter in Africa." Africa Analysis, 23 March 2001

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2000 "Write a Check, End a War: Using Private Military Companies to End African Conflicts."  Conflict Trends, 1/2000 published by ACCORD, Durban, South Africa.

2000 "Creating the Renaissance Peace: The utilisation of private companies for peacekeeping and peace enforcement activities in Africa."  Presented at the Africa Institute of South Africa's 40th Anniversary Conference, 30 May - 2 June, Pretoria, South Africa.

2000 "A Perspective on Private Military Companies."  Presented at the Institute for Security Studies seminar, "Lean Peacekeeping Turns Mean: Crisis and Response in Sierra Leone" 18 May.

1999 "SA private armies can supply peacekeepers to DRC."  Johannesburg Star, 3 November.

1999 "The business end of military intelligence: Private Military Companies."  Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USA.

1999 With Phil Williams, "Captured States, Criminal States and Contested States: Organized Crime and Africa in the Twenty First Century."  SAIIA Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2, Winter 99.

1999 "Dogs of Peace."  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7 March.

1998 "Coffee Capitalism: Uganda's Black Gold."  Ph.D. colloquium, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

1997 "The Dynamics of Conflict Between the Entrenched Bureaucracy and the People of Vietnam."  Ph.D. colloquium, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

1989 "The Phoenix Program, A Retrospective Assessment."  Masters Thesis, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA.

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